It all started with a horse...

One day, completely out of the blue, I had this vision of photographing a bride with a horse. I could see it so vividly: a bride in a full gown, a horse by her side, surrounded by lush, Lowcountry greens... It was a fairytale. I knew that it was a long shot to convince a bride on her actual wedding day to be photographed with a horse, so I called in reinforcements. Enter: Carter's Event Co. When these fairytale daydreams were soon completely taking over my thoughts, I emailed Madison. "Look... I know this sounds crazy, but what do you think about having a styled shoot with a bride and a horse?" Knowing full well how insane I sounded, I hit send. And I nervously waited for an email back.

"A horse? Count me in."

Music to my ears. Before I knew it, Madison had taken my fairytale horse dreams and brought the vision to life. She was accepting my crazy ideas and even adding onto them with her big, beautiful brain.

Then on one chilly day in December, we all gathered at Dogwood Downs (...even Missy, the horse.) and magic happened.

Like actual magic.

All that to say...

If you have a dream about wanting a bride + horse dreamily surrounded by Lowcountry greens, go for it.