What comes to mind? Is it the Spanish Moss? The bright emerald greens? The birds chirping, the Jasmine blooming, the marsh grass blowing in the wind? All of these things and more were on full display on Lane + Coeltryn's wedding day last May.

it's all in the details

Lane & Coeltryn were wed on May 8th on family land in Charleston, South Carolina with all their loved ones. Lane's attention to detail was evident throughout the entire day...every piece of decor, every gift, every step was planned with intentionality and sentimentality.


Lane amazed me with her attention to detail. Every single piece of the day was somehow tied to a sentimental memory Lane and Coeltryn shared together.

Even their first touch was in the front entryway of the house Lane visited in the summers as a child. They decided to exchange letters to one another and read them about thirty minutes before the ceremony. And boy, was everyone in the room misty-eyed after watching this.

Even the first touch was sentimental... taking place in the front entryway of the house Lane grew up visiting in the summers as a child.

Lane & Coeltryn celebrated their union with their closest friends... Fifteen of them! This is the perfect example of how social, and people-centered Lane & Coeltryn are.

Lane and Coeltryn exchanged letters

Robin hood and little john...

Coeltryn's mother surprised him with an interruption to their mother-son dance, and had the DJ play the theme from Disney's Robin Hood. Which was Coeltryn's favorite film as a little boy.

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Quintessentially Charleston

Cocktail hour was held right next on the water under the breezy Live Oak trees.

one, two, three... party